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Why 2021 Will Be A Horrible Year, How 2021 Will Be || 2020 vs 2021

 We are sure a few of you have thought at some point this year, “I can’t wait for 2021.”

Why 2021 Will Be A Horrible Year

2020 wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs for most people. Let’s face it, we can all take something negative from the pandemic.

The question is, can things get any worse? Could 2021 be a kind of horror sequel to 2020?

We are sorry to inform you, but things could always get worse.

No Covid Vaccine?

Why 2021 Will Be A Horrible Year

It goes without saying that if no Covid-19 vaccine is released and available to the public at large next year then deaths could continue to spiral, and lockdowns could carry on destroying economies and wrecking families.

There’s news about a vaccine and it is positive news. Preliminary trials suggest it works, but it’s early days. There has been a huge spike in Covid daily deaths these days.

Covid 19 Virus Could Get Worse?

Why 2021 Will Be A Horrible Year

According to Nature magazine, one of the better science resources out there, the coronavirus has been mutating.

The good news is scientists came out and said the media exaggerated that.

You can go online and see the numerous news stores with headlines saying things like,

“Mutation more contagious” and “Mutation more deadly.”, that might not be true at the moment, but the fact is, this virus could get worse next year. It’s unlikely, but it definitely could happen.

In November, a group of scientists was asked to predict the state of the pandemic would be in ‘21, and, you guessed it, they had no idea.

Covid will not magically disappear, well, it likely won’t.

Viruses have been known to peter out in the past, but we might have another year on our hands.

Another scientist said it won’t be enough just vaccinating certain groups of people, i.e. those most vulnerable.

In other words, we aren’t going to solve the coronavirus problem just because we most likely have a vaccine that will stop Covid in its tracks for 80 percent of those that are given it. 

More virus casualties are only a possibility, but what’s almost certain is the chaos that will happen next year because of global lockdowns. The fall-out from lockdowns is very real.

Hunger Pandemic?

why 2021 will be horrible year

During the height of the pandemic, the New York Times reported that food banks across the U.S. couldn’t meet the demand of the hungry.

“Demand for food assistance is rising at an extraordinary rate,” said the newspaper.

Will this suddenly go away in 2021? We doubt that.

That’s not only in the U.S. The Guardian reported in November that there was an emerging group of people in the UK, what is called the “newly hungry.”

These were mostly desperate middle-income families, not only poor families. So, think about it, economies probably won’t just go into hyperdrive in ’21; jobs won’t all just come back since so many businesses have gone for good. Get ready for a new normal of food banks popping up all over the place next year.

The Washington Post wrote in September that hundreds of millions of people were on the brink of starvation because of the pandemic.

Oxfam wrote that the world should be prepared for a “hunger pandemic.”

More Crime Rate?

why 2021 will be horrible year

We already know this year the murder rate went through the roof in some big cities in the U.S., but do you think this will be a trend in 2021?

It’s too early to say just how crime rates will be affected by lockdowns, but so far the outlook isn’t good. Corona virus has created a perfect storm and we don’t think anyone will disagree.

The question is how bad will the storm be. Maybe it will fade away and not be half as bad as some people think, or maybe it will be far worse; a real home wrecker.

2021 could be the year that crime goes through the roof. Maybe some people already know this in the U.S. because gun purchases drastically increased this year.

More Homeless?

why 2021 will be horrible year

Experts also think homeless rates will rise next year. In the U.S., the Coalition for the Homeless said there will be a “tsunami of evictions”

The World Bank estimated in 2020 that by 2021 there will be 150 million more people living in extreme poverty.

Maybe you think this won’t affect you, but when chaos flaps its wings on one side of the world it usually has a way of affecting the other side of the world.

Privacy Issues?

why 2021 will be horrible year

Privacy advocates around the world are right now very concerned about new surveillance technology and how it will be used, or perhaps, abused.

We already have facial recognition cameras that can tell if you have a high temperature. We already have drones and robots that move around public spaces and tell you what to do.

These things might help in a time of crisis, but is there a chance that this technology will create a kind of dystopia we’ve been seeing in sci-fi movies for a while now?

Some of the biggest human rights organizations this year came out and said they were worried governments might use the pandemic as an excuse to curtail our freedom.

When governments enforce restrictions on our freedom they usually stay, and 2020 is just a warm-up for 2021.

If this virus doesn’t go away, perhaps in 2021 we’ll be tracked and traced to the extent that we start to feel our freedoms have diminished.

As the American Civil Liberties Union wrote, maybe after they’ve watched you outside and in your home and on the web, you’ll become “suspicious” for the vaguest of reasons. 

This is what was said in a letter that was signed by more than 300 leading academics this year: “We are concerned that some ‘solutions’ to the crisis may, via mission creep, resulting in systems which would allow unprecedented surveillance of society at large.”

China is already a surveillance state that is criticized in the West but don’t be surprised if in 2021 western countries adopt the China monitoring model.

More Division?

why 2021 will be horrible year

Right now, we are seeing very divided countries in terms of politics. Conservatives are constantly arguing with liberals and it seems no side will back down. The “haves” don’t seem to care much about the “have nots”.

The latter is asking who has got my back? The former cares less about poverty than it does about who said what on Twitter.

Just look online and check out “Protests 2020.” It’s been a big year for disagreements. This could of course lead to progressive change and we all might live happily ever after.

Maybe in the long run, anyway. But what if all this division leads to larger protests that turn into violence that manifests as a civil war? Something has to give.

There has to be a middle ground or 2021 could be a very ugly year.

Let’s not forget that people genuinely fight for causes, but when you throw in mass unemployment and hunger, sometimes anger comes ahead of reason. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have cash in 2021, but that doesn’t mean you won’t suffer.

Travel Cravings?

why 2021 will be horrible year

Travel research showed that during lockdowns in 2020 people were gunning to get out of their country and travel.

But what if that can’t happen next year?

What if borders don’t open?

What if to travel you have to navigate so much red tape it’s just not worth the trouble?

That will mean another year in the same place, watching the same disaster news, wondering when you’ll ever be able to escape.

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But, "There is no night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.”

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