, pub-9294893883853578, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0 UK new coronavirus variant “out of control” as several countries have introduced travel Ban

UK new coronavirus variant “out of control” as several countries have introduced travel Ban

UK new coronavirus variant “out of control”

18 million people in England and all three million who live in wales have seen extra covert restrictions come into force as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson ministers said a new variant of coronavirus is out of control in England.

According to the newest figure, there are over 35,000 new infections, several in London and therefore the south-east.

Several countries have introduced travel restrictions on individuals coming back from the united kingdom as a brand new variation of coronavirus spreads rapidly there.

This comes after British prime minister Boris johnson announced tougher measures to combat the new strain officials say while the new mutation is much more easily transmitted it's not thought to be any more dangerous.

Concern regarding the new strain has diode British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to reverse plans to ease coronavirus restrictions over the Christmas amount.

In England, individuals are told to remain home with non-essential retailers closed. 
Christmas combining of households won't be permissible. 

Millions of people in the UK are forced to cancel their Christmas plans beneath the new restrictions. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing widespread criticism for the decision. However, Britain's health secretary says the government had to take quick action.

UK new coronavirus variant “out of control”

One key question is will vaccines still work against this new type of covid? Scientists say the vaccine trains our immune systems to recognize and react to the spike protein and the virus and it has changed but we're talking about tweaks rather than huge differences. It's early days but scientists think the vaccines are now more than ever the key to getting this under control.
Another question is are people more likely to become very sick or even die if they get infected with this? So far there is no evidence to show that this variant causes more severe illness in any one single person. But it's thought that somewhere between 1 in 100 and 1 in 150 people who get coronavirus will die.

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