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Coronavirus live update: Coronavirus in world

Coronavirus Cases:     60,825,771

Deaths:                          1,428,938

Recovered:                    42,151,178

Active Cases:                17,245,655

The world surpassing one million deaths from the coronavirus. But Health organizations saying there are even more deaths than 1 Million since many countries keep poor records and test little.

The U.S leads the global death toll with more than 200 thousand Brazil, India, Mexico, and the UK follow

In Asia where the virus began in china, cases are way down and governments remain on high alert aggressively enforcing snap lockdowns and highly intrusive track and trace systems.

In Europe where lockdowns have been far softer, the number of cases is rising as children and university students go back to school.

COVID has been 2020s world war but unlike on the battlefield many of its victims died alone surrounded by plastic

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