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Amazon Prime Day 2020 : Amazon Prime day 2020 deals, buying advice, and everything you need to know for October 13-14

Amazon prime day 2020 starts on 13th October, bringing more than one million exclusive deals to amazon prime subscribers.

Prime Day is an annual 48-hour retail event where amazon prime members can get deals on laptops, TVs, smartphones, wearables, echo devices, and more.

Amazon Prime Day 2020
Amazon Prime Day 2020

You can only shop prime day if you are a prime member, but sign up now for a three 30-day trial and cancel before 30 days is up. They are gearing up for the company’s busiest time of the year. Let's check out amazon prime day deals and make sure to take advantage of amazon prime day sale.

Amazon Prime day 2020 deals

We did the research so you don't have to. Here are amazon prime day best deals.

1. Televisions

  • The price of flat-screen TVs has come down significantly in recent years depending on the brand and specs.

  • TVs have consistently been among the most high profile lightning deals and steeply discounted products. The psychology certainly makes sense even as prices come down for televisions they continue to feel like a big purchase and so getting them at a deep discount never fails to make you feel like you scored a major win.

  • Whether you're considering an affordable tv or embracing upgrading to OLED technology prime day is likely to have the best prices.

2. Laptops 

  • Amazon prime day laptop deals are going to be lit. Laptops always see notable discounts particularly for models that are a few years old.

  • If you're looking to pay the lowest possible price on a new model laptop pay close attention to lightning deals and be ready to click order at a moment's notice.

  • Apple products rarely go on sale but the prime day is among the rare exceptions we've seen discounts on apple watches and iPads in past years industry insiders are predicting that MacBooks will be reduced to match sales prices from earlier this year but are unlikely to dip lower.

3. Gaming Consoles  

  • Some industry insiders are confident that we'll be seeing eighth-generation consoles hit their lowest prices to date.

  • Prime day could be a great opportunity to add another console to your tv stand. The Nintendo switch might come down further in price but given inventory issues, the savings are unlikely to be as substantial as we're expecting for the PS4 and Xbox one as for the 9th generation consoles.

  • The savings might be slim at best regardless you can expect deals on games and accessories across the board.

4. Home&Office Equipment 

  • Due to the Covid pandemic, people have been spending a lot more time in their home offices in 2020. Amazon always aims to meet the needs of their subscribers so we expect there to be savings on all types of office equipment, furniture, and peripherals.

  • With more people putting in eight-hour days from home ergonomic mouses keyboards and chairs are sure to be hot-ticket items. The same goes for tech and accessories to help kids who are learning remotely.

5. Smart Home Devices 

  • Amazon is one of the leaders of home automation with a wide range of branded products to consider moving beyond the amazon family of smart products. However, the marketplace boasts a massive selection of devices many of them compatible with Alexa allowing you to take control of your home using nothing but your voice.

  • Like last year we saw steep discounts on everything from multi-packs of smart plugs and light bulbs to complete home security systems and robotic vacuum.

  • We are expecting even more discount on this amazon prime day 2020 date so if you are beginning to set up your smart home ecosystem or looking to fine-tune an already impressive setup Prime day can help.

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