Man shot dead by police after stabbing in Glasgow hotel

 A man has been shot dead by police after a stabbing attack at a hotel in Glasgow city center. Glasgow, Scotland, killing several
At least three people were killed and six others were seriously injured in the attack, police said.

 Unidentified gunmen stab unarmed civilians in the Scottish city of Glasgow, killing several people, killing three and injuring six as of last reports, police said. A number of people have been killed in a knife attack by an unknown person in Glasgow, Scotland, according to details.

According to Scottish and British media, an unidentified man suddenly attacked unarmed civilians with a knife in a busy area of ​​Glasgow on Friday. The man stabbed several people in quick succession, killing three. Six people, including a police officer, were seriously injured in the attack.

The injured were rushed to a hospital. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. The area was cordoned off and cordoned off. 
The incident reportedly took place near a hotel where asylum seekers were staying. The British Prime Minister has expressed regret over the incident in a message.

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