Science and our society

They say that people plow equal, the reflection you refutes this widely accepted idea that in science, will be it shows the US the blood test plows not equal. Now take a person only prejudice that she created to her style of dress, music, sexuality, etc. 

Everything we of has relevant reason will be that is it lives tragic, the EMO style is not the main point but one of the best-known tribe in the world, a person has tribe will be several important reasons. 

Before we talk about a person who is different from the people we must stop and notice how we plow wearing, we must look with the eyes of this person trying you see how she feels. I am a college student my whole life and I suffer because of prejudice and Billing. But because of that I of the several projects in support of this causes, and ask will be help from anyone, or if you want you to talk about anything you open it suffers at school, work, club, etc.

Living isolated from all my colleagues and I experience even at home by my parents not you accept very strange style you differently and hypocritical at the same teams, because of this, decides of something very different, and speaks the reality that happens and passes unnoticed by the eyes of others. 1.ESTILO OF IF DRESSING AND ITS PRECONCEPTIONS. 

If to observe the diverse reactions of the present time concerning the certain attitudes of sexual connotation, we will be made an impression when evidencing that such reactions remain invariant throughout history. 

Diverse reasons take a person to have its proper style, as it was said in the summary of this article, the people only have some similarities between if, and we are not equal. 


What has this word? If to catch the history of the human being we will see that this, since the time of the caves, evolving with the passing of the times, its gostos, styles of life, style of if dressing, among others.

The experimental activities as a comumente are developed in the education of Sciences they all do not accumulate of stocks the investigative process in which the pupils must be involved in the formation and development of scientific concepts. 

It must still be considered that the learning of scientific knowledge is complex and involves multiple dimensions. This demands that the investigative work of the pupils assumes varied forms that make possible distinct cognitive actions, as the manipulation of materials, questioning of activities, to learn to deal with the errors, the comment, in the expression and communication, verification of the raised hypotheses. 

This direction, one gives credit that established experimental activities in situation-problem can make with that simple experiments are worked as investigations activities.


According to Meirieu apud Macedo (2000) the situation-problem: It is a didactic situation in which if it considers to the citizen a task that it cannot carry through without effecting necessary learning. this learning, that constitutes the true objective of situation-problem, if of when being successful the obstacle in the accomplishment of the task. 

Thus, the production assumes the acquisition, one and another one losing its object of distinct evaluations. The situation-problem proposal as one of the metodolgicos procedures will make it possible that the child develops the act to think, to take decisions, to articulate, to schematize, to coexist in the group, among others that they are abilities of basic importance in the social life. 

One another important aspect in the resolution of situation-problem is its motivator capacity, that instigates the pupil to search strategies to solve a definitive challenge, beyond the desire to reach a good result, exactly that this does not happen.


Taking of decisions nor always is the best one, but it opens possibilities to reflect on the ways to be followed, in the direction to visualize the best strategies, or the choices not so satisfactory, what it values the interactions between the citizens its opinions.

Natural Human Sciences

The intention is that the work occurs of integrated form, at the same time where the especificidades of the sources, boardings, and approach happened of the different fields of sciences are respected natural human beings and. 

Definitive CHAINS pertinent contents to the areas of Sciences Natural Human beings and had always been gifts in the composition of the resumes and programs of infantile education. 

In the majority of the institutions, these contents are related to the preparation of the pupils for the posterior years of its as in the case of the work come back toward the motor development and of habits and attitudes, in which the acquisition of procedures is basic as to copy, to repeat to color previous productions (drawings, exercises, etc.). 

In the work with the referring contents to Natural Sciences, in turn, some institutions limit it the transmission of certain slight knowledge related to the beings livings creature and the human body.

Disrespecting the knowledge and the ideas that the pupils already possess, they value the terminology use technique, what it can constitute a not significant formalization of contents for the pupils. An example of this is the definitions taught deformed on the diverse animals: ‘ ‘ they are mamferos’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ they are anfbios’ ‘ etc., and the activities to classify animals and plants according to categories defined for zoology and biology.

The possibility of the children is disrespected thus to display its formularizations for later compares them with that science considers. Some practical also if base on activities directed toward a moralizing formation, as in the case of the reinforcement the certainties attitudes related to the health and the hygiene. Many times in these situations predominate values, and concepts of certain/wrong, dirty, bad wire/pretty, clean//good, etc., that are defined and transmitted in a prejudiced way.

Evolution Of Psychological Science

The history of the construction of Psychology is on, at each historical moment, to the requirements of knowledge of the humanity, to the too much areas of the human knowledge and to the new challenges placed for the economic and social reality and the inactive necessity of the man to understand itself exactly.

 Psychology enters the Greeks the history of the human thought has a golden moment in the Antiquity, between the Greeks, particularly in the period of 700 B.C. until the domination Roman, to the eves of the Christian age. It is between the Greek philosophers whom the first attempt appears to systemize a Psychology. 

The business strategist/Lecturer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The proper term psychology comes of the Greek psyche (soul), and of logos (reason), therefore psychology means ' ' study of alma' '. The philosophers' daily pay-porticos were worried about defining the relation of the man with the world through the perception. He had an opposition that enters the idealists (the idea forms the world) and the materialists (the substance that forms the world already is given stops perception). 

When defining reason peculiarity of the manner as essence, it opened a way that very would be explored by Psychology. Plato looked to define one "Lugar" for reason in our proper body. It defined this place as being the head, where if it finds the soul of the man. 

When somebody died, the substance (the body) disappeared, but the soul was free to occupy another body. Aristotle was innovative or claims that the soul and the body could not be dissociated. For it, a psych would be the active principle of life. Everything that it grows, it reproduces, and if it feeds possess its proper soul. Of this form, the vegetables, the animals, and the men would have souls. The first ones would have a vegetative soul, the seconds also, and still the sensitive soul.

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