PIA pilots and air traffic controller responsible for plane crash

ISLAMABAD / KARACHI: An interim investigation report of PIA aircraft has been prepared in which the cockpit crew and air traffic controller of the aircraft have been held responsible for the accident.

According to DW News Spot sources, the Aviation Division has received the preliminary report of the PIA plane that crashed in Karachi, after which a high-level meeting was held in the Aviation Division in which Secretary Aviation, DG Civil Aviation Including other officials were present.

Interim investigation report submitted to the Minister of Aviation
The meeting was also attended by the head of the Aircraft Accident and Investigation Team, while the head of the investigation team, Air Commodore Usman Ghani, presented the report of the plane crash and briefed on the preliminary investigation. The preliminary investigation report was handed over by Aviation Accident Investigation Board President Usman Ghani to Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan.


PIA and CAA are equally responsible

Sources said that in the interim report, the cockpit crew and air traffic controller of the aircraft have been held responsible for the accident while PIA and CAA have been held equally responsible. And Civil Aviation Authority procedures have also been declared unsuccessful.

The accident was suspected to have been caused by human error, Sources said that no evidence of technical malfunction was found in the plane from the black box data. The initial report suspected that the accident was due to human error. The equipment and systems of the crashed plane are still being tested.

The initial report pointed out frequent errors by the pilots and the ATC crew. On the first landing, the plane collided in the middle of the 9,000-meter runway, the pilot flew again, the pilot did not fly after the first landing. After takeoff, the plane was flown in the air for 17 minutes, during which the engines failed.

The report said that the plane was approaching at high speed and altitude from the beginning, even when it landed, the height of the plane was more than the prescribed height, parts of the plane remained on the runway for 12 hours after the first failed landing. The site unit did not collect. According to the law, the ATC staff should have been relieved after the accident, but full duty was carried out by 7 pm.

For the first time, a plane crash report will be made public
On the other hand, the investigation team from France had prepared a report of black box decoding and given it to the PIA officials. For the first time, the report of any plane crash will be made public in the National Assembly. The report will be presented to the Prime Minister. The Federal Minister of Aviation will present the report to him.

Aviation officials express dissatisfaction

A spokesman for the Aviation Division said the interim report was untrue. He said the government would soon release the final details of the cause of the crash. According to the aviation spokesperson, the photographic document that came to light has not been compiled by the investigating agency.

Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar calls on PM

Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan called on Prime Minister Imran Khan and presented the investigation report of the Karachi plane crash to the Prime Minister. The Aviation Minister apprised the Prime Minister of the reasons for the Karachi plane crash. The investigation report of the Karachi plane crash is also likely to be tabled in Parliament today.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan and other concerned officials had ordered an investigation into every aspect of the crash and Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan had announced that those responsible would be brought to book after a transparent investigation into the crash. Will go

It should be noted that the PIA passenger plane crashed on May 22 near Karachi Airport, killing 99 people, including 12 employees of Ketan and Cabin Koyo, while miraculously in the accident. Two passengers were safe, including Bank of Punjab CEO Zafar Masood and one passenger Zubair.

"The report will be tabled in the assembly on Wednesday."

Speaking in the National Assembly on Monday, Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar Khan said that not only the report of the PIA plane crash in Karachi on Wednesday would be presented in the House but also the reports of previous years. The Assembly will also be briefed on the details of the plane crashes in Havelian.

According to sources, the report of the ATR-made plane that crashed near PIA's mansions was compiled and submitted to the aviation minister. The report of the mansion crash is also likely to be made public soon. Junaid Jamshed and other passengers were killed in the plane crash. The Havelian plane crash report has also been compiled by the Aircraft Accident and Investigation. PK 661 crashed near Havelian on December 7, 2016. killed 47 people, including the crew,   in the crash.

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