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Legend Host Tariq Aziz, Died at age of 84

Host Tariq Aziz, best known for his decades-long program "NELAAM GHAR" in the history of Pakistani television, has passed away.

He died in Lahore, according to Pakistan's state radio. Tariq Aziz was 84 years old.

Born in Jalandhar, Tariq Aziz started his career with Radio Pakistan Lahore and was one of the first personalities to work there when Pakistan Television was launched in 1964.

Tariq Aziz also hosted the first broadcast of Pakistan Television.

He got his real fame from the program '"NELAAM GHAR" which started in 1975 on Pakistan Television.

His style of starting this program ’دیکھتی آنکھوں، سنتے کانوں کو طارق عزیز کا سلام‘ was very popular.

The program, which lasted for more than 40 years, was later renamed as Bazm Tariq Aziz.

Apart from radio and TV, Tariq Aziz also acted in films. His famous films include Birthday, Kind of the Time and Lost Man.

Tariq Aziz was awarded the Presidential Medal of Excellence in 1992 by the Government of Pakistan for his services.

Tariq Aziz's collection of columns was published under the name of 'Dastan' while a collection of Punjabi poetry was published under the name of 'Hamzad Da Dukkh'.

Tariq Aziz was also active in the field of politics and while he was a supporter of Pakistan Peoples Party in his student days, in 1997 he was elected a member of the National Assembly on a PML-N ticket.

In the 1997 elections, Tariq Aziz defeated the current Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

He was also convicted by the Supreme Court for his involvement in the attack on the Supreme Court building during the PML-N regime.

Another legend left us today

As soon as the news of Tariq Aziz's death came, the hashtag Tariq Aziz started trending on social media and the users expressed their deep sorrow and shock over his demise and also shared their memories related to the auction house show.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan offered his condolences to the family of Tariq Aziz on his death, saying in his message that he was the founder of icons and TV game shows of his time.

TV host and actor Wasi Chaudhry reminded Tariq Aziz that if he ever asked a guest to start a program in his program, he did so only from Tariq Aziz.

According to him, although Tariq Aziz's hands were shaking while holding the mic due to his poor age, but as soon as the camera was turned on, his voice became louder which had become his trademark.

Actress and morning show host Sanam Baloch wrote: 'Another legend left us today. We all grew up watching his show.

Singer Ali Zafar wrote: "We forget our heroes very quickly, but I am sure you will never be forgotten."

Actress Maura Hussain wrote: A big part of my childhood. Thank you so much for enjoying our game show.

User Farrukh Shehzad wrote, “I would like to say that today we all lost a part of our childhood.

Salman Sufi, founder of the Salman Sufi Foundation, wrote: 'Tariq Aziz was the founder of modern quiz shows. He made a lot of people happy and that's all that matters. "

"A legend who was a world in his own right has passed away," Musa Cheema wrote.

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