Taliban attacks kill 17 Afghans soldier, injure several

KABUL: A total of 17 personnel were killed and 15 others injured in two Taliban attacks in Afghanistan.

According to Afghan media, the Taliban carried out the first attack on a check post in Kunduz, killing five and injuring seven. The attackers also took Afghan army weapons and two vehicles with them.

On the other hand, a security check post in Jawzjan province was also attacked by more than a dozen Taliban fighters on motorcycles, killing 12 and injuring eight. Even after the operation, the attackers took Afghan army weapons and vehicles with them.
Despite a ceasefire announced by the Afghan government and Taliban fighters, the number of militants killed in the past week has risen to 171 and more than 250 have been injured.

It should be noted that despite the February 29 peace agreement between the Taliban and the United States, peace has not yet been established in Afghanistan. 
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