US presidential election: Can anti-racism protests in the US lead to Trump's defeat?

 US President Donald Trump. According to several opinion polls, He is trailing his opponent in the upcoming presidential election

 President Trump's election campaign is suffering from problems while his current presidency is also facing one crisis after another.

Is his trouble temporary or is his attempt to get re-elected a failure?

Donald Trump is a politician whose reactions are often natural. He jumped into the fray four years ago. He refuted all expectations and predictions and was first elected his party's presidential candidate and then managed to reach the White House.

With such an amazing performance and election results, anyone will be proud of the decisions they have made.
It will be easy for President Trump today to see clearly how the journey he began in July 2015 ended in his unexpected success in November 2015. During this trip, there were many incidents including controversies, fights, and controversial tweets but the estimates of the experts proved to be wrong and they are correct.

Trump was certainly right about big issues. He entered the fray as a candidate who had nothing to do with the system and ran in elections at a time when the atmosphere at the national level was against the political elite.
They realized this and took full advantage of it, but their success covered up all the wrongdoings and mistakes they had made in the meantime.

Thinking of pro-Trump states?

Four years after the last presidential election, President Trump's same zeal may now be deceiving him. He still wants to repeat the 2016 results by presenting himself as an anti-elite candidate.

His strategy is in line with the thinking of his supporters, and his strategy was successful in the last election campaign because of the increase in the turnout of his supporters in key states. He was also given the benefit of the doubt by hesitant voters and traditionally conservatives during the election process.

If the recent decline in support for senior citizens, educated suburban residents, and religious voters continue, their loyal supporters, who make up 30 to 40 percent of the total electorate, will be able to win the election. 

However, President Trump's recent actions are similar to those of 2016, which have sparked controversy and controversy over social issues, allowing conspiratorial ideologies to flourish and, on the other hand, trying to stifle all criticism.

According to several polls, President Trump lags behind his opponent, Joe Biden, and according to some polls, the difference is even more than 10 points. According to a recent analysis in The Economist, Joe Biden's chances of victory are as high as five out of six, like Barack Obama's easy victory in 2008.

Trump is pursuing a strategy similar to that of 2016, but the way he looks trapped shows that this time around, the general mood has changed.

The American people are worried about more than 100,000 deaths from the coronavirus, the economy is in dire straits, and now, after nationwide protests against racism and the current police system, people are no longer ready for conflict.

President Trump's aggressive and threatening attitude, which has benefited him in the past, does not seem appropriate in the current context. People now want empathy, healing wounds, and reconciliation.

President Trump is pushing for peace and order at a time when the Black Lives Matter movement is gaining tremendous public support and, according to public opinion, racial discrimination in the country's real problem. This will be a major priority for voters in the November polls.

Some recent events are mapping out the current political climate. On Thursday, President Trump vehemently rejected calls to remove the names of the Confederate generals from 10 different US military bases, saying it would be an insult to soldiers who have been trained there.

Meanwhile, Nascar, a car racing competition in the United States that started in the southern part of the United States and is very popular there, announced that it is banning the use of Confederate flags during all its competitions.

Local and state leaders have taken steps to remove statues of Confederate leaders, and calls for renaming military bases have been raised within the US military. This demand was most clearly expressed by retired General David Petraeus in an article in Atlantic Magazine.

The situation is changing in another civil war, which President Trump has used in the past. The case is about professional athletes protesting against the unjust behavior of the police in which they kneel during the national anthem.

The National Football League has formally apologized for not supporting its players who took part in such protests.

The American Soccer Federation voted Wednesday to lift all restrictions on standing up to literature during the national anthem. The Democratic Party has now backed it.
Meanwhile, President Trump's tweet about an incident in which he called a 75-year-old man a "left-wing saboteur" who was pushed down by a police officer during a demonstration was widely criticized. The man began to bleed from his head, but the police left the man lying in that condition.

President Trump accused the man of overseeing the police. The source of the accusation was the far-right media. Many Republican supporters of President Trump have since expressed ignorance or indifference to the tweet.

In the aftermath of these events, many are forced to think that President Trump's behavior in the current crisis has created an insurmountable obstacle to his re-election.

According to Rich Lowry, editor of the Conservative National Review in Politico, "If they lose in November 2020, it will not be because they have tried to legislate." He will not be defeated because he has developed a creative and liberal policy that has angered his supporters. They will not lose because they are surrounded by events and crises. The main reason for his defeat will be that he threw his presidency to the ground through tweets.

The presidential election is still more than four and a half months away, which is no less time in the field of politics.

There is still a possibility that Donald Trump will find a way to stand up or that his opponent Biden will do something stupid. Currently, Biden's weight is heavier and the situation for the Democratic Party is better than in 2016.

If President Trump wants the 2016 result, he will probably have to change the style of 2016 and convince Americans that he can be far better than the president he is now and can be a president like he is. Want for the next four years.
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