Virat Kohli, wife Anushka Sharma, say, O Kohli "Chowka marr na"

Virat Kohli, wife Anushka Sharma, say, O Kohli "Chowka marr na", what are you doing: Video triggers uproar

Anushka Sharma, a wife of Anushka Sharma, has been greatly admired for putting a smile on the face of husband Virat Kohli away from the cricket field.
Lockdowns implemented to prevent the spread of coronavirus are generally a Bollywood star or cricketers are imprisoned all over the house. In the meantime, cricketers or Bollywood stars have all become active on social media and are sharing something. Talk about how much the cricketers miss the field and stadium, as evidenced by Anushka Sharma's Instagram post. In a video viral on social media, Anushka Sharma shouted. Virat Kohli, who sat in near, heard strange language from Anushka's mouth. Even though they said no, they seemed a little weird.

Anushka shared this video on her Instagram account. At the same time, they also revealed why she was persuading Kohli to do so. Anushka wrote that he seems to be missing a lot of cricket these days as he is loved by millions of fans on the field. Anushka said that Virat should also remember a certain kind of fan. That is why he made Kohli such an experience
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