Did this mysterious Tailored come from outer space ?

The beauty of our universe is that there is a balance. if a space drawing of the entire universe is made, then we will know that the substance is spread by a solid, it is not that there is more substance and less in someplace, which is why Whether you exist in the North or the South, you will see about 4,500 stars on either side.
Galaxies are moving closer to each other Scientists believe that our galaxy is also a collection of
smaller space galaxies, billions of years ago. And today the amalgamation of all of them is present to us in the form of the Milky Way, so in the coming 4 billion years, our galaxy Milky Way will collide with our neighbour Galaxy Andromeda.

The new galaxy has been named Milcomida. After Trillions of years later of this great collision, 51 other galaxies near us will collide with our new galaxy Milcomida, and together they will form a very large giant galaxy.

All this information has been conveyed to us by millions of scientists, which is why it is a blessing for astronomers to find the night as a source of rest for other humans, at the same time scientists talk to the universe overnight, looking at the stars. Smiling at their restlessness, the universe reveals the secrets hidden within them
It was one of those nights when on August 30, 2019, Gennady Borisov discovered a magnificent star from the "Margo" platform in Crimea, the discovered star called "C / 2019Q4 (Borisov"). Granted, further investigation about it has almost certainly not been related to our solar system; rather it came from outer space (perhaps from another solar system). However, it has yet to be formally announced as "outside intervention."
Tailored stars are moving toward the inner solar system at two extremes of "solar clouds" and "cooper belts" at the outer extremities of our solar system, which can be easily identified by their glowing tail. ۔ But the new star that was discovered has almost certainly come from outer space else, outside of our solar system.
If this is finally confirmed, then it will become the second space body to come into our solar system from outer space after "Oomumwa" discovered in 2017.

If we imagine the orbits of the planets in our solar system as a plate, then "C / 2019Q4" is coming down from this plate, making an angle of 40 degrees.
Tailored Star was approach the sun at a speed of 150,000 km per hour and reached the lowest distance of the sun on December 8, 2019. However, at that time it was still away 30 million kilometres (that is, more than the orbit of Mars) from the sun.

Based on its speed, experts say that if it were related to our solar system, it would not have been moving at a speed of half a million kilometres per hour.

After careful calculation, experts have said that in April 2020 it will be significantly brighter than the average astronomical telescopes on Earth. It will be bright until the end of April 2020, after which it will fade away so that even our most powerful binoculars will not see it.

It will be interesting to read that in October 2017, approximately 23 months after the discovery of the first extra-solar space body "Oomumwa", another external interceptor has been discovered.

About Omomava, until now, some have said that it was not a spacecraft or astronomical star, rather it was a spacecraft coming from another solar system that returned to our solar system.

Similar things are now being done about "C / 2019Q4".

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