Islamophobia in India, Echoes of anti-Muslim sentiment reach Gulf countries

More than 4,000 Tablighi Jamaat workers were found infected with the code 19 virus after a Tablighi Jamaat gathering in mid-March in the Indian capital, New Delhi. It was the single largest coronavirus outbreak in the country.

This incident of Tablighi Jamaat led to a new campaign of hatred against Muslims in India. Several TV channels called it a deliberate conspiracy to spread corona in the country. So someone called this incident 'Corona Jihad'.

Attempts have been made by some quarters in the country to create the impression that the country's Muslim population is trying to influence the rest of the population with Corona, or that this could happen in the future. This led to a wave of fake news about Corona against Muslims on social media.

The effect of spreading anti-Muslim hatred through TV channels and social media was that in many villages, towns, and cities, bargaining with Muslim greengrocers and shopkeepers was stopped.

In many settlements, locals banned Muslims from entering. A separate ward for Muslim patients was set up at a hospital in Ahmedabad and a cancer hospital in Meerut refused to treat Muslim patients without a corona test.

The situation became so bad that Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself had to intervene. "Code 19 does not look at a person's race, religion, colour, caste, language or boundaries when they attack someone," he said in a Twitter message last Sunday.

Hatred has now reached the Gulf countries

But now the hatred against Muslims in India has spread from here to the Gulf countries. About 9 million Indians work in Arab and Gulf countries. In the UAE, their population is more than 27% of the total population.

About two weeks ago, Faiz Preeti Gari, a high-ranking official in Dubai, said in a tweet about the Tablighi Jamaat, "Who are these people and what is their mission?" Is this a conspiracy to spread bacterial jihad all over India? If they do not surrender to the authorities, the only way to save the country is to kill them in an "encounter."

In another tweet, Preity said, "Tablighi Sunni, Deobandi are terrorists. You know that Bollywood star Aamir Khan is also a Sunni Deobandi preacher. Despite this, Hindus will go to see his films.

His tweet was noticed in the UAE and someone tagged the Dubai police in response. Preity has deleted her Twitter account following this tweet. But by then, there was talk of action against him.

Also, about a week ago, a screenshot of a Twitter user named Sorbh Upadhyay started circulating in the United Arab Emirates.

According to Sourabh Upadhyay's Twitter profile (which is now closed) he is a political campaign manager and according to the profile he is based in Dubai.

Several Dubai users tagged the police on social media, writing that "Sorbh Hindus are pursuing a Muslim agenda and promoting provocative content."

Complaints to the police said that the cause of the spread of the coronavirus was being inflamed by telling Muslims.

Meanwhile, Sourabh tweeted that a screenshot is being shared on social media. "Everything in the Middle East is due to us Indians, which includes 80% Hindus," it said. We have built a city like Dubai out of rubbish. And the royal family here respects that. "

Princess Hend Al Qassimi

Princess notice

 Princess Hind Al Qasimi of the United Arab Emirates tweeted in response.

Princess Hind Al-Qasimi of the ruling royal family of Sharjah warned Sorbh Upadhyay and tweeted that "the ruling royal family is very close to India ... But this behaviour of yours is not acceptable. Everyone here gets paid for their work. No one works for free.

"You make your living from this land and you are making fun of it. Your ridicule will be answered. '
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