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Imran Khan plotting to remove President Aliev, say Reham Khan, ex-wife of PM

"There are many rumors and people have asked me to comment on it," Reham Khan said. News of the president's removal is circulating. The news may be weak, but I think it's an argument
Reham Khan, the ex-wife of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and a journalist, has made a sensational revelation. Reham has revealed that Imran Khan is plotting to remove Pakistan's President Arif Alvi from office. According to DW News Spot, Reham Khan has uploaded a video on his official YouTube channel, titled Imran Khan is planning to remove President Arif Ali.

Reham Khan has said that the scandal is springing up. When you use people and when they are USED and thrown away and when they realize it, they will not remain silent. When you follow them, they will go elsewhere. After that, Reham Khan said that a conspiracy was being hatched to remove the President.
He further said that you should read my book, I have written in the book that Imran Khan remembers Arif Alvi not by his name but by any other name and I will not hurt his feelings with this name. Wants Imran calls different people by different names.
Reham Khan said that the reason behind the news of the removal of President Arif Alvi is that if the President is replaced then it is beneficial for Imran Khan, because Imran knows how many dangers are for him.

Reham khan book

It may be recalled that Reham Khan had written a book based on a controversial memoir in 2018. She is the ex-wife of Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan. It was published on July 10, 2018, before the 2018 general election. The book was published by SK Publications in Pakistan and HarperCollins Publishers in India

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