Some people are upset that Corona has not spread much in the country, PM

Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan says some people are saddened that Corona has not spread much in the country.

Talking about the Corona epidemic, the Prime Minister said that the Coronavirus has changed the whole world, we are facing situations that were not before.
Things are changing with Corona epidemic in Pakistan, it was earlier estimated that by April 25, there will be 50,000 patients but thank God we have survived major loss, this month we will have no nuisance. All arrangements are complete, in our hospitals. Facilities are available; by May we will be preparing more to fight Corona; it is estimated that from May 15 to 20 cases will increase and the pressure on hospitals will increase.

The Prime Minister said that poor people were foremost when deciding Lock Down, we are worried about the poor and the working class, so we decided to systematically soften LockDown because It is feared that would not benefit if people came to the streets with hunger. The biggest problem is that significant No. workers are not registered in our country. The government opened a construction department to protect people from unemployment and hunger.

The Prime Minister said that people should be strictly avoided during the lockdown, Mafia's in Pakistan is strong and powerful, wheat smugglers and artificial pricing lifter will not be forgiven. Action will be taken.

On rumours regarding Corona,

Prime Minister requested that the contemporary situation not be politicized, We heard days ago that there is an increase in deaths in Karachi, this is not a good sound for us. It has been said that the government is hiding the casualties. Will corona end to hiding news?
We also have to save the day with illness

Speaking on the occasion, Federal Minister Asad Omar said that coronavirus has affected people's jobs, we have to avoid disease as well as save jobs, efforts are being made to bring in a system which also employs people. Be safe All decisions are being made unanimously.

Eight more Corona patients die in country, 7,481 certified victims

Lahore / Islamabad / Karachi: Coronavirus has been diagnosed in another 465 people across the country, after which the number of confirmed cases has reached 7481 while the death toll has increased to 143.

Corona wars continue to across Pakistan, as in the world, according to data released by the National Command and Operations Center, 465 new cases have been reported in the last 24 hours, followed by the number of certified corona patients across the country 7481 now

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